World Premier IXItra-Strong

World Premier IXItra-Strong

A high quality steel makes the |X|-tra-Strong series stronger and harder. Therefore it can withstand 60% more load. The chamber dimensional tolerance of only 0.2 mm over an 8.8 m length makes the guide profile extremely precise: The edge decarburization is milled away.
Dream team: Guide profiles and Tiger bearing
|X|tra high carrying capacity: Around 60% higher load acceptance
|X|tra precise: +- 0.2 mm chamber dimensional tolerance
|X|tra strong: High quality steel allows
|X|tra long service life: No measurable wear

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ALFATEC receives Top 100 seal of quality

ALFATEC receives Top 100 seal of quality

ALFATEC made it into the list of the TOP 100 innovators with lots of creativity, ingenuity and foresight. The company from Filderstadt impressed with the world premier [X]tra-Strong, making it one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. Tiger Power, the Dream Team made of guide profiles and Tiger bearings, product innovations, such as [X]tra-Strong and the individual customer service stand for outstanding quality and lift ALFATEC to the circle of the TOP 100.

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