Guide bearings

Guide bearings

From 10 kg - 200 tons and more. The ALFATEC guide bearings are available in a wide variety of types and sizes. Find the right track roller here for your application.
We also have suitable profiles and mounting elements in our product range.
And for support we have the product configurator for you, which helps you during the design of the right components.

Tiger bearing

For loads of 50 kg - 10,000 kg the Tiger bearing from ALFATEC is robust, low-maintenance and economical.

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Our "Dream Team" made of strong guide profile and Tiger bearing for high load capacity from 150 kg - 15,000 kg

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Mammoth bearing

For heavy load handling of 10 - 200 tons and more, mammoth bearings are powerful, durable and stable.

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Vulkollan or polyamide, from 10 kg - 3000 kg, this bearing is fast, quiet and has low resistance.

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