Tiger bearing

Tiger bearing

"Tiger Power" for high load capacities - for 50 to 10,000 kilogrammes.

Cylinder roller bearings are suitable for accepting very large loads. The Tiger bearing series from ALFATEC is an innovative further development of the known cylinder roller bearing. "Tiger Power" gives credit to its name. It is impressive with its long service life, can be lubricated for extending the service life and is ideally suited for high load capacities of  50 to 10,000 kilogrammes.

Depending on requirements Alfatec offers various Tiger bearing models with guide profiles and mounting elements.

Speed, material adjustable according to the load capacity (kN) - fixed, adjustable, backlash-free, radial or axial, the Tiger bearing offers various characteristics. Additional custom-fit profiles and mountings complete the range of products.

For load capacities of 50 – 10,000 kilogrammes, in dimensions Ø 52.5 mm – 180 mm, in various shapes the Tiger bearing, with its over 1040 variants, offers the perfect solution of individual requirements. The running surfaces of the bearings are produced to be spherical. Depending on the application, Tiger bearings with the associated profiles and custom-fit mountings are combined together.



Advantages of the Tiger bearings at a glance

Advantages of the Tiger bearings at a glance

  • Long service life
  • Robustness
  • Can be re-lubricated
  • High load capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustable

The plus on variants for individual requirements

ALFATEC offers various versions of The Tiger bearing, suitable profiles and mountings - An overview for you:

Load capacity (kN): From 5.3 kN to 76.0 kN
Diameter: 52.5 mm to 180 mm
Materials: Steel / stainless steel
Axial adjustability:

Fixed / Adjustable

Radial backlash-free guide: Yes / No
Profile: U profile / I profile
Mounting elements: BQ, square / BR, rectangular / BW, bracket




Advantages of the guide profiles and mountings at a glance

Advantages of the guide profiles and mountings at a glance

  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable
  • Precise
  • Low maintenance

Thanks to the innovative screw system from ALFATEC there are economical advantages compared to conventional systems:

  • Durable TORX® screws
  • Optimum transfer of the tightening and loosening torque
  • Permanent polyamide screw lock
  • Multiple uses
  • Bothersome sticking with conventional screw thread lock omitted



The ALFATEC bestseller "Tiger bearing" - Guide bearing with "Tiger Power"

In video tutorials you learn in clear sequences which hand movements are necessary during removal and installation of Tiger bearings. With the product configurator from ALFATEC you will receive customised ALFATEC Tiger bearings within minutes. In addition, CAD drawings and PDF data sheets are available.

For more information on Tiger bearings or for a personal consultation, Christoph Stäbler, Managing Director of ALFATEC GmbH, phone number +49- (0)711 / 907 400 -66 would be glad to make himself personally available.