Xtra Strong

Xtra Strong

lXltra-Strong  for higher load capacities - for 150 to 15,000 kilogrammes

|X|tra Strong guide bearings have around a 60% higher load capacity to comparable systems. The lXltra-Strong series from Alfatec is a world premier. They are impressive due to their higher load capacity, accuracy, strength and long service life.

Speed, material adjustable according to the load capacity (kN) - fixed, adjustable, backlash-free, radial or axial, the lXltra-Strong guide bearing offers various characteristics. Additional custom-fit profiles and mountings complete the range of products.

For load capacities from 150 – 15,000 kilogrammes, in dimensions Ø 65.5 mm – 153.1 mm, in various forms the lXltra-Strong offers around 60% higher load capacity. The chamber dimensional tolerance of the profiles is only 0.2mm. Depending on the application, the lXltra-Strong guide bearings with the associated profiles and custom-fit mountings are combined together.



Advantages of the lXltra-Strong guide bearings at a glance

Advantages of the lXltra-Strong guide bearings at a glance

  • lXltra high load capacity
  • lXltra precise
  • lXltra strong
  • lXltra long service life

The plus on variants for individual requirements

ALFATEC offers various versions of The Tiger bearing, suitable profiles and mountings - An overview for you:

Load capacity (kN): From 15.39 kN to 82.19 kN
Diameter: 65.5 mm to 153.1 mm
Materials: Steel
Axial adjustability:

Fixed / Adjustable

Radial backlash-free guide: Yes / No
Profile: U profile / I profile
Mounting elements: BQ, square / BR, rectangular / BW, bracket




Advantages of the guide profiles and mountings at a glance

Advantages of the guide profiles and mountings at a glance

  • 60% higher load capacities
  • More precise
  • Harder, tougher
  • Longer service life

Thanks to the innovative screw system from ALFATEC there are economical advantages compared to conventional systems:

  • Durable TORX® screws
  • Optimum transfer of the tightening and loosening torque
  • Permanent polyamide screw lock
  • Multiple uses
  • Bothersome sticking with conventional screw thread lock omitted

The ALFATEC bestseller "lXltra-Strong" - Guide bearing with higher load bearing capacity

In video tutorials you learn in clear sequences which hand movements are necessary during removal and installation of the lXltra-Strong. With the product configurator from ALFATEC you will receive customised ALFATEC-lXltra-Strong bearings within minutes. In addition, CAD drawings and PDF data sheets are available.

For more information on the lXltra-Strong bearings or for a personal consultation, Christoph Stäbler, Managing Director of ALFATEC GmbH, phone number +49- (0)711 / 907 400 -66 would be glad to make himself personally available.