X-tra Strong heavy duty guide unit - XSFE---.5200

X-tra Strong heavy duty guide unit


XSFE---.5200 consists of one load bearing and one eccentric bearing fastened on a mounting plate. The eccentric roller can be set for play minimisation on both sides. In addition, due to the reinforced axial bearing, up to 35% higher load capacities can be applied in the axial direction. This increases the load carrying capacity in this direction. This X-tra Strong bearing is available in a wide variety of sizes depending on the load capacity. 

  • X-tra high load bearing capacity
  • X-tra precise
  • X-tra strong
  • X-tra long service life
  • High load capacity in the axial direction
  • Play minimised since both sides are adjustable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy installation

technical informations

Recommended mounting profiles: